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2015-05-27 04:14
Third, Americans are unreliable, the Japanese are also unreliable. British scholar Cole encourage Americans and Japanese to help Taiwan independence forces, civil war, like brothers fighting on the side booing frame Sicko hooligans. The Americans historically unreliable, that the KMT should have realized the profound, I am afraid the DPP have a preliminary experience. Three years of the liberation war, the Kuomintang to fight the United States does not support the more even Madame Chiang Kai-shek president of the United States for help in person to all not to be seen. Wait until Chiang Kai-shek retreated to the island, US President Truman issued a statement immediately exclude Taiwan Far East defensive circle, the Kuomintang Chiang Kai-shek's most difficult days, was abandoned by the United States, almost went into exile in the Philippines. 1958 "Eight ? twenty-three artillery," US warships escort ship supplement the Golden Gate Chiang, Mao Zedong explicitly artillery I only played Jiang ship, do not fight US warships. So sound of guns, or leave Jiang ship USS care of escape. US abandon Taiwan acts more to go, not list them here. Why the United States to Taiwan to China designated "red line"? Cole too much for granted, right? United States know the severity, not to the Chinese designated "red line", in fact, even if scratched, China is not afraid. Military expert Li Jie said, "at the gates of war, China is not afraid of anyone." This is a strong support, talk is emboldened. In fact, China has long considered US intervention came in, no need to "guess whether the United States will intervene in the Taiwan Strait conflict." America's "Air Sea Battle" is for whom? American said I "anti-intervention / reject stop strategy" is for whom? I Dongfeng 21D missile and the Air Force Western Pacific cruise is for whom? Cole really do not understand, or fool? Of course I am, "a rapid, low-cost" to solve the Taiwan best, even "the cost", even "high cost", nor is it can not be considered. Taiwan's reunification with China in decades desire of all Chinese people, if realized, in the economic, political, geopolitical territorial integrity of China is a world power, how much it costs for this are not "painful." But to say back, now is not the last of those years, and I military means "many tools in the toolbox," Taiwan independence repair it easy, is to win Taiwan probe was just the bag. I am afraid that before I sent the army, Taiwan independence "pain" was only surrendered.Japanese are also unreliable. China in modern times only to be deceived Japanese thing there? Experience the KMT may be deeper. The Qing government study Japanese Meiji Restoration, a skill not Xue Daoshou results of the teacher started the Sino-Japanese War, the students hit, robbed. Sino-Japanese war, Sun Yat-sen to rely on Japan to support the overthrow of the Qing government, the results of the failure of Sun Yat-sen in Japan only shelter, rather than aid the revolutionary Sun Yat-sen, Sun Yat-sen had made "First United Front support farm workers." Ruling Kuomintang slightly improved, Japan has launched war against China. Japan's defeat at the hands of the Taiwan authorities took life and the Diaoyu Islands, the Diaoyu Islands when Ma Ying-jeou, as the victors of World War II, "Republic of China" and "president" is probably more aware of Japan's unreliable.In fact, as long as the United States and Japan know war, they in Japan, Okinawa, Guam naval air base and aircraft carrier battle groups near the first island chain that is to be my lawful targets, I medium-range ballistic missiles, long-range cruise missiles, they all serve of Taiwan independence forces also qualify. A few days ago I flew to the western Pacific Air Force training, indicating the Western Pacific naval training after normalization, there is a realization of a distant sea military services activity, indicating that the sea and air power projection I have crossed the first island chain. US-Japan know the stakes and consequences of war, not with Kohl's clamor and the Taiwan independence forces to split the move and frivolous. That is, playing a little beauty machine "because failure landing" Toi trick to show the American presence. I do not know what time the original relatively "tall on" the United States, reduced was so petty, I ignore him worth mentioning.Fourth, wary of Western Taiwan independence forces provoke reckless act rashly. Kohl Although only a scholar, but he represents a considerable part of the Western world position and attitude of the Chinese people, and even the stubborn and stupid to bury their heads in the sand ostrich proportions. It appears that China wants to own goodwill and good behavior to contribute to world peace http://www.bottegaveneta-handbagsoutlet.... and development, in order to change their position and attitude are impossible, only Mao Zedong said, "Let them see God with granite head." Cole, who incited the island's independence forces, abet them "how to beat China in the war." Although it is nonsense, it does not rule out the island had had a number of people with mania hit it off. I would like to warn http://www.beatsbydr
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