2022-09-18 16:00 / Komplex Sila Hall / Youtube Youtube
BC Lokomotiv Plovdiv will host the first leg of its International European Cup Competition in the Qualifiers against the highly favourised and ambitioned 1st division team from Northern Macedonia. The bulgarian side on the other hand, reestablished a traditional basketball team earlier this year and will compete in the Bulgarian BBL A Grupa in season 2022/23. Lokomotiv Plovdiv is the only team in the international competitions that has not a professional team status yetm with no player being on a full salary. For Lokomotiv it is more than just a historical clash against an European opponent, such as Vardar is with its tradition in basketball. The second leg of this duel is one week later in Skopje.
Johnathan  Motley
Johnathan Motley
Taškai 21,2
Taiklumas 71-113
63  %
Atkovoti kamuoliai 7,0
Rezultatyvūs perdavimai 1,3
Perimti kamuoliai 0,9
Naudingumas 24,0
21,2 Taškai Johnathan  Motley
Johnathan Motley
63  %
7,0 Atkovoti kamuoliai
1,3 Rezultatyvūs perdavimai
0,9 Perimti kamuoliai
24,0 Naudingumas